What I’ve learned with Them.


According to Them, time is not linear in the Universe. The human mind has a need to have timelines, deadlines, dates, calendars and times. The messages I receive are more on a general level: some events are happening, in the future, in the past, ongoing, coming your way. I never get direct times or dates, so these ”predictions” can happen next week, in a year or in 20 years.

For example, as a 20 year old girl, I visited a channeler who told me I will get the red cottage I want. I was confused since I did not want a red cottage at all. At a mature age, a red cottage is a dream of mine.

As I listened to the tape of the channeling 20+ years later, the message as a whole made much more sense. It also said I will one day be writing. Back then I had no interest towards writing. The message was real, my mind could not understand that their messages lived in another kind of time as mine.


All energies and vibrations of the universe are in unity with each other. They have told me there is no hierachy in the energetic world. Yet another challenge for my human mind that believes in levels. They said there are different kinds of energies, with different levels of vibrations, with different missions and different ways of affecting and visualizing. But there is no hierarchy, therefore no energy is above the other.

For example, I had a visit from three so called angels. They gave me their names. As energies of unity, they showed themselves as a colorful, vibrating essence of light. But shown separately, one was vibrating with colors, one as if it was a web of strings made of delicate light. And the third one was pure light.

They were aiming at making me understand that loving high energies are together- in unity, as are we all. As we, with our minds love to understand things that are sorted out simply in boxes , timelines, schedules and categories, unity is a really demanding concept to comprehend: the seamless connection of everything.


They once explained me love. The human mind often understands love as affection towards another person or being. Intimacy, willingness to show affection and care. Emotional connection between beings.

They told me love is in everything living, in all energies. Love is even loss, sorrow and so many other feelings we often understand as negative or stressful. Even painful. But love is complex and entwined in all things in life. Love is respect, love is vibration, love is caring, love is letting go, love is grieving, love is healing, giving and so much more. They showed me love as a moving web of delicately united vibrating strings of life- connected to each other and constantly living. A web that exists everywhere at all times. It looked golden and soft pink.

Receiving love is about constant movement of energy: a call for love, open yourself to love, believe you are worthy of it and ultimately about loving yourself.

Sending love is also crucial according to them, since all energy moves and flows. Get into that flow, if you feel the call for it. Send loving energy out of your free will. Because: when there is no needs, wants or expectations, that is when They enter.

Synchronicity. Everything is about synchronicity. Sending and receiving.


One day I was thinking of Reiki and healing as a part of my journey. I felt like the use of symbols in Reiki for sending and receiving of energy no longer was necessary. So, I asked about it.

They told me symbols are a tool to start healing, sending and receiving energy. These methods have been created for our minds to be able to accept the process, since energy is not easily understood, seen, felt or cathegorized in our minds.

Symbols are a tool of development for us, and they create our minds a safe space to grow and build our belief in the energies.

They told that when you accept the fact of constantly moving loving and healing energies, open up your mind to the flow, synchronicity and unity- you no longer really need to use the symbols. At that point, you accept the continuous flow, the never ending vibrations, the permanent connection with the unity.

A friend of mine asked me to pose a question for her about evolving and her being able to develop her connection, and the reply was again very simple: They see everything. They know where you are spiritually. They are with you at all times. When you reach out for them, they will help you. But when They see fit.

They said the need for opening up, getting more connected must come from a space of selflessness.

“When there are no needs, wants or expectations, that is when we enter”. This is what They have repeatedly told me.

As a tip to my friend, they said: “Remember that energy is constant movement. Synchronicity, in unity. To receive, the easiest way is to give. You all posess the skills of healing in you, the intent to do so is crucial. When you give, you receive”

They told me there is so much pain in the world right now, a lot love and healing is needed. Sending of energy is needed, all conduits are needed- and there are many of us out there. They call us their beacons of light.

Luckily in these shifting energies, the amount is increasing.

In Reiki we are taught that we need to send energy to a place where it is accepted and needed. I was wondering about that, since people in India did not ask me to send energy. They told me the energy I send will always fit a need somewhere, it will always find a place to help. It will always land where it is needed. The intent is more important than the acceptance of a specific person. Energy moves in magnetic ways. Love will find a place where love is needed, as does healing and so on.


As I began communicating with Them, I asked who was communicating with me. Sometimes They told me, sometimes not. I was soon told, that Their names are not important in the Universe, as they are in unity, synchronized. I no longer ask. If They want me to know who I am discussing with, they will let me know. When they tell me, I will write the name in the blog post.

All I know is, I feel, see and hear their presence as a loving, caring and strong energy I fully trust. Souls seem to vibrate in another way, and higher (let´s say angelic) energies have a different, stronger vibration.

I seem to focus on the words so much while receiving messages that I forget the content. I record the message to remember, and give it a written form from the recording.

I protect myself with grounding, asking for protection to me and my energy, I ask for cleansing my energies when I feel heavy or sick. So far it has worked well. When They have something to say, they let me know by signaling me in ways I already recognize. They are so polite. They never disturb me when it is not suitable. They are most active when I am alone.

Low energies

Since childhood we are presented the concept of evil. Starting with kids fairy tales. Deep down I have feared the dark and the concept of evil as long as I can remember. Since I began my journey with Reiki, these fears have slowly faded away. I recognize so called lower energies, I tell them to leave and I protect my energy.

They told me there is no valid reason for holding on to fear, since light and love are strong. The so called lower energies are not, according to Them, bad or evil ones, but more undeveloped ones on their path. That is why their vibrations can feel raw and awkward, even scary.

Work of light.

I have suffered from nightmares at times, and I have asked about the reason. They feel so real, so vivid. Due to my fear of the low energies, evil and dark, I had to ask Them what the dreams were about. Why was I tormented with such lifelike awful experiences?

They told me I was doing light work during my sleep. I was sent to support people and events in demanding situations. And sometimes I remember it.

In a way I was relieved: I was not haunted or something.But I felt so fearful, almost panicked after some dreams. I asked Them how I could make it easier. And They replied: try to remember your duty in that moment. You are helping out with your energy, with your light.

“It is not you, it is your light you carry to the moment, to that person or that event.”

This has slowly become easier, as I sometimes remember through my dream that “this is not me, this is my job”. Sometimes it feels too much, and I ask for waking up. And I do. Although, giving up feels bad afterwards sometimes. I am still training being stronger.

If you experience bad dreams you remember, this could possibly be the reason for you too. So many of us are doing Their light work during our time of rest.

They also like repeating a lot. Like teachers, I guess.

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