A message to the “beacons”, workers of light and love to join.

I received this short message after a powerful Metatronica meditation today.

“We are calling for you, our beacons, to join us to a journey of light, to spread our love across the world.

Your mission is clear. It is all about sending energy as much as you can, as often as you can.

The challenges of the world are not over, but merely just begun. And we need you all. We hope you will join your forces. To network and to spread the energy mutually. Because there is strength in network, in unexpected ways you cannot comprehend.

We will provide you with our light and love, and you will spread it all over the globe.

All we ask is for you to join. You will find a way. You will find a calling for each other. And you will find each other in our guidance.

All of the spirit world, the Universe, is mutually joined in this mission of healing your world.

Healing is the most essential task. Healing with love is the core of everything. Of every breath, of every second passing. Of every moment you experience.

This is our message. Join and heal, in unity with us.

That is all.

The energies have been so powerful, it may overwhelm some of you. But do not worry. It is all from a source of love. All from us.

And now it is time to pass the task forward to you. We hope you accept the calling you hear, feel or see.

Be true to yourselves, your souls. And the rest remains to be seen.”


Published by Azanah Soul

I am a middle aged Scandinavian woman. I have lived my whole life seeing, hearing and feeling energies. For quite a long time, I thought everyone had the same expecience. As I began my journey with Reiki in 2015, these sensations gradually got stronger, year by year. After finishing my Master level in India, I truly opened up for the work of light. During the past year, this connection with energy flow in my life grew stronger, and I started receiving messages: from souls to their loved ones, information, messages and guidance from high energies of the Universe. They lovingly told me I am a conduit, and my mission in this life is to pass on the messages I receive. I am one conduit of many, channels as you may say, among us all. Our general mission is to spread Their love and light forward, in different ways. As one of the first steps in fulfilling this mission of mine, I started this blog. I live a regular life in general. I aim at nothing by writing the messages I receive. I change nothing in them. I believe that the ones who are meant to find the channeled messages, do so. If not, I believe I will receive guidance for delivering the messages to the right recipient. I hope you find some comfort, love, light and guidance from the content of this blog. This blog is not about me, therefore I am not in the spotlight and I will not reveal much about myself. The messages are relevant. I am simply a conduit, a pen to the storytellers message of love and light.

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