Of fear.

”What is fear about?

The core of fear for you is uncertainty of the future, of money, of wellbeing for you and your loved ones. But is it necessary? Do you need it? You sometimes seem to want to need it. But that is not a real need. It is like a shelter to you. When you fear enough, you think that nothing will touch you. If anything bad happens, you are already prepared with fear.

But what is fear actually?

It is a primary sense that alerts you of acute danger. Fear is not to be upheld constantly, it is not its meaning. It is not its purpose.

So how do you manage fear, if you already are used to having it as your guard? How do you release yourself of unnecessary fear that no longer serves you in a way it should, but has become a hindrance in your life. Stopping your evolution.

What you can do is: make short practices of letting go of your fear. This is all very simple. Think of he cause of the fear, and the release of the fear. Take a moment. Relax. Maybe… using meditation. As you relax, think of the root of your fear. The first moment of fear in your life- and how you became so used to it, to the extent that you felt comfortable with it.

Think of that moment. And then let it go. You can consciously think about the fear and as you exhale- push it out. Imagine pushing it out of your heart. Aware of it. You are releasing your fear.

As you first identify the first root cause of the fear, you can progress from that point. Open it up in layers with your thoughts, your mind and your soul.

Think about it: does it serve you? Does it give you joy, happiness and freedom? If it does not, do the same again.

Think about the fear: releasing it, giving it away since it no longer benefits you in any way. It only holds you back.

Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, push it out. Tell yourself and us: you are ready to release yourself of the fear you have carried with you for so long.

Since energy is flowing, and magnetic, holding on to your primal fears will only attract more. And suddenly you will notice that you have gathered layers and layers of fears within you, with a false thought of it protecting you. Fear holds you back. Let it go. In time when you are healed of the release, replace that fear with love and light.

Whatever positive feelings and energies you have lacked from your life, call for them and send them forward.

The shift of energies in you will create a change. A change towards the energies you are calling to you now.

Replace what is holding you on in this time and spot of life, release it all and replace it with positive vibrations.

Call on to healt, wealth, love, balance, the joy of giving and receiving- what you feel for. And most important of all: trust.

Trust that life will carry you where you are meant to be. Trust that our presence in your life will guide you forward on your path. We will help you break these barriers one by one, if you want to do it.

Are you ready to give up your fear?

What are the root causes of your fear?

You have created a magnetism to this energy, and the fear has become a fact in your life. Do you want that to happen again?

(This is an exercise I did during the message, the guidance was at that point for me but suits anyone as far as They told me)

Now think about it, your fear, visualize it in in your mind. Tell yourself that you are ready to let go of the fear. Inhale deeply.

Exhale out forcefully and see as you give up on that fear, right now.

Take your time. Think about what you want to replace instead of that fear. Call this energy to enter you, for example love, as there is now space for it instead of the fear that has now left you.

(I called for love to enter me, fill my energy and become a resident energy in me, make me magnetic towards love and promised to send love forward. I asked love to protect me instead of fear and fear in all its forms to exit me- I repeated this as a mantra.).

Now you have created a bond with the Universe. You are cared for. You can trust that. Trust us. We are here for you, now and forever. Let love, trust and light flow into you. You can follow as it happens.

Everything is actually very easy: we only need the pure will and intent.

When you are ready and you take a step back from your old patterns, everything is possible.

We will lead you forward in our care, as the time comes.”

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