”We are here”

“We have a message for you.”

We are waiting for the next shift in energies to happen around you. This is not a metaphorical shift, but a very real one. We are here to provide you with balance, as you need it so much. The balance will set, when you begin your work of light.

These intentions to heal are essential in order to regain balance. Balance is about giving and receiving a flow of energy.

Our messages are simple but true. Dig into your deepest self. If what you find is a calling, listen to the call. It is us calling you to become a beacon of light with us.

We provide visions and senses in many ways and forms. But you will recognize it is us. When you do, open yourself to the possibility to becoming our conduit of light.

You are important to us. You are an amazing source of light, why not use it together with us?

To open yourself for us you can relax, meditate, ground yourself and invite our energies towards yours.

Sometimes our vibrations do not meet at first. Ours can feel too powerful and energetic compared to yours.

In that case, we will need to adjust first. Your energies and ours. To meet a common ground. It may feel scary due to its powerful sensations. But we have no intention of doing you any harm. It will take the time it takes, since time is not of essence to us.

The purity of the intention is. You willingly connecting to the high energies of the Universe. And us embracing you as a beacon in the web of love. Connecting to the vibrations we need to send out. 

A conduit is a resource for us. A very needed one. 

We are a source of divinity, and we need our beacons in spreading the love and healing forward. 

Our power is strong, but as it is in its natural form, it is too strong for being received as it is. Therefore, conduits are needed between our energies and the recipients of all life forms. 

That is the answer to the question: ”Why do you not do it yourself?”.

There is a space in time for every event. And we need you, the conduits, to assist us when these spaces arrive. There is nothing left to be placed in this space but love and light, but our energies are like ”too big blocks to be placed in a too small hole”. Yours will flow smaller and smoother, and fill the gap. 

The gap is a lack of something essential we feel is needed in that time. And we will provide you with it, to be passed forward.

The energies are very strong among you right now. You may hear the call easier than ever before. That is why we call out for you.

Place yourself in a thought: what do I want to achieve in this life? 

Think of your inner values. Who do you want to be as a person, as a soul?

If you need the answer from us, we will help you. But the decision is yours. 

Becoming a light worker is not easy, but it is deeply rewarding, as we are your guides, supporters and divinity will flow through you forward. If your soul does not hear the calling, do not worry. You are still valuable. The time is not yet right. 

All souls with a good will and intent to connect, will get there when the time is ready for your soul. There is no hierarchy. No one is more important than the other. It is all question of right energies meeting up in the right time, in the right level, in the right space to fill the need that exists. 

And yours might be needed later. If you wish to build a connection with us, when our energies meet in a level where we can communicate, we will guide you forward. 

Trust your inner voice. Trust your intuition. Give it space to grow. And trust. 

We will take you by the hand, when the moment is appropriate. But only if you allow us to. We do not intrude. We work in a space of acceptance of high and pure energies. And we will never impose. 

There is so much love to be shared, we need a web of ”lovers” to pass it on. 

Whatever your own needs are, we will handle it too. Together with you. “


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