Of manifestation

The past is not the future.

That is what you need to realize.

Do not go walking in the same circles over and over again. Or you might never find your way out.

What do you want of your life? Imagine it for yourself. Your highest and most pure goals.  Reach for it. Believe in it.

And it will be yours. As we will be providing it for you.

That is the art of manifestation: reaching for your dreams and grabbing them.

The most important rule regarding manifestation is: not to only to want but believing it. Reaching for it, accepting it as yours deep within you.

See your true worth, embrace it, accept all that good in your life. 

Manifesting must be deep. Not shallow. Not simply a list of needs and wants, desires. But comprehensively embracing it all as yours, as you are so well worth it.

Believe you are golden, as you are. 

You so often think less of yourself.

And that is where the manifest fails, as the magnetism is not real. Your self doubt eats it away.

Meditation is a great tool for you to see yourself too as a brilliant and beautiful energy, vibration- no less worthy than the other.

Why should you not get what you want and need? 

Why is everyone else worthy of it, in your mind?

You deserve the world. If you want it, you can call for it from the deepest places of your soul.

Happiness, serenity, wellbeing is to be reached by all of you.

Self doubt, disbelief and disregarding yourself weakens the magnetism and the signal.

If the call does not come from deep within you, it is more like a silenced scream. When it could be a gentle, happy pull towards the light. 

All we can say is: see above the misery, anxiety, stress, discomfort, pain- whatever is holding you back. 

Let that all go for that moment, when you think of all the pieces of the puzzle you need to make your life fulfilled with steps of enlightenment, happiness, love, freedom and peace. 

All the tools we use are ultimately based on trust and belief in us and in your soul, synchronized. 

If you want out of the loop, call us for help. We will guide you out, help you step by step.

It will not happen instantly, since the shell you have built on you as your shield, did not grow overnight. The melting of it also takes a while, and requires work. 

Your work, towards us. 

But when we do reach each other, the path is open. Everything is possible.

And we will be enjoying your freedom and happiness with you.

We are a trinity of angels, with our united wisdom. 

Now we want to reach you in this way, in this form. To give you a comprehensive picture of the dimension of the magnetism: the deep intent, the longing for light. Light lives and exists in you. Let it grow. Let the light shine and the path will be clear.

This is yet another step forward on the map of life for you, with us as your guides. 

Call for us, and we will come. 

Rafael, Metatron and Uriel

Published by Azanah Soul

I am a middle aged Scandinavian woman. I have lived my whole life seeing, hearing and feeling energies. For quite a long time, I thought everyone had the same expecience. As I began my journey with Reiki in 2015, these sensations gradually got stronger, year by year. After finishing my Master level in India, I truly opened up for the work of light. During the past year, this connection with energy flow in my life grew stronger, and I started receiving messages: from souls to their loved ones, information, messages and guidance from high energies of the Universe. They lovingly told me I am a conduit, and my mission in this life is to pass on the messages I receive. I am one conduit of many, channels as you may say, among us all. Our general mission is to spread Their love and light forward, in different ways. As one of the first steps in fulfilling this mission of mine, I started this blog. I live a regular life in general. I aim at nothing by writing the messages I receive. I change nothing in them. I believe that the ones who are meant to find the channeled messages, do so. If not, I believe I will receive guidance for delivering the messages to the right recipient. I hope you find some comfort, love, light and guidance from the content of this blog. This blog is not about me, therefore I am not in the spotlight and I will not reveal much about myself. The messages are relevant. I am simply a conduit, a pen to the storytellers message of love and light.

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