Did you sense the calling?

Did you read my previous posts? If not, I recommend you do. There seems to be a natural order in what They want to say.

Last night as I was watching a movie, They gave me a powerful buzz. A sign that They had something to say. It felt oo powerful to let it slide. 

They were repeating with such a force: WE NEED YOU. Over and over.

They told me they need the beacons, the conduits to get activated. They wanted me to tell you that.

If what you read before resonates to you on some level, if you feel an inner calling towards the work of light, They would need you to act on it.

I was asking how They want me to proceed, but I did not get a clear reply, as usual. I suppose They do not want to affect our actions by giving more than guidance. But I felt Their need for us all.

I asked if there is need to activate conduits simultaneously- They replied no. The time is not of importance, the intent is.

Does the work of light feel appealing to you? Do you feel like becoming a beacon of light, a conduit of energy in the web of light and love? Do you meditate? 

If the answer is yes, give Them a signal. A verbal one, or as a thought- a message to them. I did it in the beginning of a meditation. Simply tell Them. And let that thought go, relax and meditate. Ground yourself to mother earth, ask for protection to your energy.

Since They tend to repeat: “When there is no need, want or expectation, that is when we enter”, I suppose that is the goal for connecting. Expecting for the connection can slow it down. Being simply open provides Them the path towards you.

We all evolve in different ways. We all have our own journeys and paths, as well as our own ways to communicate with them: it may be a vibration, a thought, a sound, a touch, a dream, energies you might see- or something completely different that suits you and feels comfortable to you. 

I was guided forward with what I thought was my intuition, it might have been Them too. I am sure you will find your way, like I did.

As I am writing this, They repeat: This is the way. 

I hope this call wakes up the will in you, to spread Their loving energy forward in the team of love. Apparently, the need for it is strong and I need to play my part in it.

Someone may connect right away. For me, it was a process of growing and evolving step by step. Matching their vibrations with mine was not automatic.

But every time I felt the connection of loving energy on some level.

Remember: They never do anything without your permission. 


”Tell them the web of love is incomplete without the souls needed into it. 

The amount of souls is not important but the will of the conduit is. We need you to join to the healing of the world. 

We need you to spread our energy to the nature, to all the beings, to mankind, to the universe. The pure vibration needs you to transform the vibration into a receivable form. 

You are needed. You are important. You are the healer of the world with our energy and love. 

We call upon you, we need you. 

We will be here for you as you call for us. 

This is the call of love to those whose soul sings for us. 

Wake up from your shelter and join us. 

Be our beacon. Be our blessed missionary of love by passing love forward. 

No speeches are needed, only receiving and passing on the energy, as if you were filtering it. 

We will be there for you, to teach, support and guide you. Please join us. Please hear your soul as it speaks to you in our behalf. 

Thank you”.

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