Of happiness.

“The way to happiness and tranquility is a process in your mind. 

It is deep inside you. This is what you are looking for.

It is not up to us whether you find stillness, peace, happiness, balance and tranquility.

You are the key.

You are the only one who can affect the direction of your own peace. 

We are the mediators of the tools, we can help you reach for it. We can attract you towards happiness, but the stillness of your mind is what YOU need to work with. We cannot enter your energy and simply fix you. 

We will work together if you choose so.

Life is all about simplicity.

Simple decisions, simple choices, simple acts towards a tranquil state of mind. Towards feeling at ease. Towards being willing to help and to give forward the love and energy you have, what you carry and possess. Meditation is basically listening: to yourself and us. It is the best place to start. 

How can you connect with others if you cannot connect with yourself? True self discovery needs to be done by you. It is the essence on the path towards the light, the light that gives you balance, opens up your energies, your mind, your soul and to a constant flowing connection with us.

Self reflection is absolutely necessary when you decide to start your walk towards the light.

We do not judge. Why should you? Observe and accept, and let it go. Set yourself free of the restraints of the past.

Only by feeling happy with today makes you truly trust your future of tomorrow.”

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