Of happiness, challenges and the cycle of lives.

“Listen to yourself.

Most of the answers to your questions are within you.

You often reach for the solutions to be found outside.

We will help you move forward, as you have reached the point of self awareness.

The point where you have discovered your true self, faced yourself, opened the knots you have within you. Acknowledged them. The knots of the past. The experiences you have had, that have created the knots.

When you become happy with yourself and your life today, it will be easier for you to embrace the fact that your future will be happy. Since you will believe it and you trust it.

Happiness can be found in so many small things in life. Even when you face massive challenges in your days.

What you can do for making it easier to find your true self, is discuss with your soul.

When you reach the wisdom of your soul, we are there with you on the way.

But yet again: the work must be done by you. The will must come from you. The soul searching is yours.

We are waiting for you to reach the moment of self realization. It is the best moment for interaction between your soul and all the brilliant energies of the universe.

Believe in yourself.

And remember: the past is not the future. The past has left marks in you, but your future is ahead of you as a brightly shining light. As a beautiful field of flowers.

In your past you may have had other lights, other fields of flowers, experiences of massive love, or something completely different.

What ever it has been, when you discover your soul, your core, you will discover us.

The balance will set in, as does the constant flow of high and pure loving energy which integrates into a normal part of you. It will feel as natural as breathing, sleeping, as normal living.

Whatever you think is standing in your way, it actually is not. Think of the obstacle in your life. What is it? Is it a problem inside you, or outside you?

The situation in the world can be very scary at times. Also in this time. Be brave.

We will guide you towards us and our light, even in the darkest moments of fear, loss and despair. These feelings seem overwhelming at times, but they are a part of your path. No matter how unfair or how unbearable it may seem.

Every obstacle in life is a lesson. Learn from it. Embrace it as yours. Do not let it scar you for good, because even loss is love. It is the embodiment of love in its highest form. The sensation of love and loss is great, overwhelming. Massively running you over, like a bulldozer breaks a house. But what and who you are after that experience, defines your future.

We are always there with you. In the worst moments of your life, as in the best.

Life is not easy. It was never meant to be. It is a cycle of learning. It is very different to each and every one of you.

Those who reach for the inner truth, will experience the journey of life as an easier one.

We do hope to be able to give hope and love to every one of you, but remember it is you who has to reach for it, ask for it and be open for it.

We cannot, and will not enter by force.

We will love you and embrace you eternally, throughout all the cycles of your lives journeys.

Be brave. Be loving. Be gentle to yourself and others.

Remember the flow of energy, to send and receive. For that is unity.

Life on earth is a cycle of actions and concequences. Responsibilities and choices. But it is also very much a mission of learning. 

A mission that was chosen, by you, before you entered this life. A challenge you needed to experience for evolving.

Fulfill your task with learning and you are yet wiser with your souls mission in the unity of the universe. 

Self reflection is utterly important for your own development. Do not get stuck in the mistakes you feel you have done. Learn from them. Embrace them and grow.

This is the meaning of your mission with life and learning: becoming a stronger and wiser soul. A forgiving, accepting and spiritually generous soul.

Meeting obstacles without a process of learning, acceptance, evolving and growing is not… a success for your soul. 

How ever hard it may seem to you now, every challenge has a deeper significance. Notice it.
And true love will follow.


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