Of prosperity and abundance.

“Our truth about prosperity is not always the same as yours.

The prosperity we see is not wealth of money, it is the wealth of a soul.

You want to surround yourselves with sweet riches, with objects, with financial freedom that gives you the sense of security.
When in fact, the sense of security and safety often comes elsewhere. 

You may surround yourself with all the precious things in the world, and still feel alone and insecure.
You may still have fears.

What you should look for is the prosperity of the mind and the soul.
And it is fully reachable for you.

What do you actually need for feeling free, unattached to anything that holds you back?
Look above money. Look above ownership.
What makes you feel the happiest in life?

Is it something you hold in your hands, or is it a feeling, a sensation, safety and security? 

What do you think is the solution? The outer circumstances, the superficial ones, or your inner values? The feelings you have with your loved ones? The intimacy you experience with all living creatures? Connection to the nature? Feeling connected to the world? Feeling the greatest love of the universe?

If this is something you think about, you can start peeling it layer by layer and pay notice to what you may discover.

There is a lot of happiness in complete poverty- as there is utter sadness, disconnection and fear in abundance. They do not rule each other out, but they do not go hand in hand either. Your inner happiness is most important.

Peel your own layers and be astonished by what you will find. And you may find us.
There is nothing wrong with wanting more, nor with wanting less, but do discover the reason why you want it.

The need in the world is as much in imbalance as is the abundance of others.
But the feeling surrounding these energies is the same: the lack of self discovery, not finding your inner truth, and therefore the imbalance exists.

When you find your inner balance, you will find true abundance. Whatever the outer circumstances in your life are. And as you find yourself, you will find us, since we are connected.

The true findings begin with you, and will end in unity with us.

Imagine a scale. Place in the imaginary scale the thoughts and needs you think and feel you have. Then peel further within yourself, place in the other side of the scale your inner truths: the things and moments that make you the happiest. What is the balance in your scale?

Discover what is truly important to you. And think about it again. Were you true to yourself, or true to your needs, desires and your wants?

Were you true to your inner self, or simply to your current situation and how you see it?

What this leads to, is a discovery of your own values. Do you accept your values as you see them? Or do you want to reorganize the scale, which is your life.
This is a task for you to do. 

There is no judgement from our part. We are only trying to help you move forward in finding yourself and with finding the connection to us.

See yourself as a beautiful light that gets seen far. Not the baggage of all the current external needs and desires you THINK will set your happiness free.

Your soul is free all the time. It is up to you to release it, and its beautiful power in connection with the energetic world.

We do understand the needs of the human mind and body, but sometimes you get so far apart from the truth that is You. 

We simply want you to take a moment and evaluate the situation. Lable it, sort it, organize it and find the core that is all the happiness hidden inside you, which you can set free.

May this be one of the lessons on your journey.

As we have said before: it is all about simplicity. The beauty of simplicity. All the solutions are simple.

Walk with the light, my love.


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