Of divinity and judgment.

“You are a part of the divine.

Can you feel it?

It is in every breath you take. The energy of the divine moves in you. You simply do not think about it. It is so natural. Like being born is natural.

Birth in itself is divinity. A creation of God entering this world. Beginning a new life and a new mission in the cycle of learning. A task to finish as a soul with a mission of learning. Of a higher purpose.

Every life is a lesson.

You could learn by listening to our guidance. Some need to fumble during their journey. That is also a part of the mission.

Some reach for the core fast, they find the “ball” and deliver it.

Those individuals are often being called in as teachers of love. For spreading the word of divinity. To find others, tell the mission of getting others closer to us. Those are the people we call the beacons of love and light.

Every beacon has a different mission. Some are for spreading energy, some for spreading messages, some are for being beacons to other people: visible and audible ones. Some are healers, in many ways.

They are all a part of “our crew”, working for us. All their messages comes from the same source: from unity. One way or another.

Some let their personal views taint the mission. That is the impact of religion. The books men have written. The rules that are man made.

We never judge, we do not condemn.

We do not decide for you. You are the leader of your path. You must determine what you believe in.

But: observe the information you receive: does it feel of God? Does it feel loving? Does it feel accepting? Does it feel embracing everyone? Or does it feel like judgment?

We do not judge anyone.

Nor do we tell you to judge anyone.

Judgment day is not from Unity. It is not divine.

As you become interested in spiritual connection with the high energies of the universe, you may get confused about what to believe in. What is true and what is not.

You are being taught things through your life. The proper guidelines of how to be a good human being. The only guideline is: be good to every being. Whether you like and accept them or not.

Since we do not judge- why should you?

Love is all forgiving. Love does not separate or judge. And whatever happens in this life: it is someones mission.

Some fail at theirs. Some souls are young and they still need to learn.

You all have been young at some point.

We forgive. And we give the soul another chance to grow and evolve on their journey on becoming accepting, loving and wise in their core.

Next time you judge someone, stop the thought. Ask yourself: “Why am I doing this? Who am I to do this? Is this judgment real? Is it valid?” And think of us.

Do you know what is the mission of the soul you are about to judge? Do you know what is decided for that soul to be experienced during this life? Let us do the job. And avoid taking the role of God.

We will guide every single individual who seeks getting our guidance.

No one is less worthy than the other. Even those who are considered judged and condemned are equal.

There is a bigger picture in everything, so big it is beyond your sight.

If you seek for a connection with us, we will be able to tell you more. Of the souls missions throughout different life cycles. Why different experiences are needed.

You live many lives. They are all of learning, and the process continues. Depending on what you learned in your previous life. What you still need to learn. Until you finish your cycle of lives.

As a young soul you are still immature, selfish, you lack experience and you do not feel the need to connect. That is why you easily get lost.

As an older soul, you know from early on there is more to life than meets the eye. You understand the importance of acceptance, and you will reach for the higher connection at some point.

Those who laugh at your stability and knowledge of our higher energies, and the connection- they are the younger souls. Those who accept your connection and wisdom, they know it is true. Since they are the older ones. They are more experienced and they already know there is more to life than the physical layer you are currently living in.

Does it sound complicated? It really is not.

All in all, you are all a part of the divine creation of God, who does not judge. You are all performing your mission of learning in the cycle of your own soul. You are all in different levels and your tasks and missions are unique.

Live your life with love, fulfill your task and let the light guide you”.

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