My own thoughts of body, mind and soul.

My friends ask me, after messages from Them: “If time is not linear in the energetic world, in the universe, what is it then?”.

Personally, I have no idea. But I have seen e.g., vortex mentioned on many occasions in writings and in pictures of energy. Could be that, or not.

On the other hand: why do we need to know? For curiosity? Does it have any difference to us?

What I have learned and know, is that our time on earth is linear. Our physical bodies and minds have a beginning and an end. A journey that has a start, a development, deterioration, and it ends.

Our souls on the other hand do not. Our souls are a part of us at all times. Our souls do not reside inside us like inside a box. As our minds are boxed inside our bodies. Our soul is constantly connected to the universe and to us. Our minds struggle to understand that.

This may confuse many, since when I am asked to channel a departed soul, our minds cannot understand that a soul can be “in many places at once”. Souls live in unity. We are a multi- layered creature living in symbiosis.

We, who are left behind after a loved one departs this life, sometimes think that our loved ones are dead forever. They are never dead, they never were. Their souls live. 

Those who believe that our souls have several lives to live as a mission of learning, fear the day when their loved one’s soul moves on to another mission. Another life. And in our minds, it means they cannot be reached any longer and they have left.

Guess what.

They can always be reached as souls, no matter the cycle of lives they are in. Since we all are always connected by our souls to the energetic world. If the soul wants to, that is. 

Since we are not that well connected to our own souls, we are not aware in our bodies and minds of all the tasks of our soul. 

Again, important to forget our linear time. We can exist in more than one place at a time. Not physically, but spiritually. With our souls. This might explain something to those who have vivid dreams and remember them. 

When we ask Them, how to reach a connection with Them, they always reply: begin with yourself. You are the key.

If you are not connected to your soul, you cannot connect with them. Your soul is a part of you, but also always a part of them too.

As I see it, that is the reason They challenge us to meditate for finding connection. You must first find yourself. Your soul. And the rest opens in that process.

Does this make any sense?

Do you find the idea of meditation difficult? Or doing it in general?

Published by Azanah Soul

I am a middle aged Scandinavian woman. I have lived my whole life seeing, hearing and feeling energies. For quite a long time, I thought everyone had the same expecience. As I began my journey with Reiki in 2015, these sensations gradually got stronger, year by year. After finishing my Master level in India, I truly opened up for the work of light. During the past year, this connection with energy flow in my life grew stronger, and I started receiving messages: from souls to their loved ones, information, messages and guidance from high energies of the Universe. They lovingly told me I am a conduit, and my mission in this life is to pass on the messages I receive. I am one conduit of many, channels as you may say, among us all. Our general mission is to spread Their love and light forward, in different ways. As one of the first steps in fulfilling this mission of mine, I started this blog. I live a regular life in general. I aim at nothing by writing the messages I receive. I change nothing in them. I believe that the ones who are meant to find the channeled messages, do so. If not, I believe I will receive guidance for delivering the messages to the right recipient. I hope you find some comfort, love, light and guidance from the content of this blog. This blog is not about me, therefore I am not in the spotlight and I will not reveal much about myself. The messages are relevant. I am simply a conduit, a pen to the storytellers message of love and light.

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