Of running towards the future.

“We have been watching you.

We think you are so stressed about the future that you forget to live in the present.

There is no fear on your path.

There is no sanction for doing less than you THINK that we want.

We require nothing.

We are never dissatisfied.

We are not judgmental.

You are being the judgmental one.

And therefore, you stress.

You are so demanding towards yourself, and you feel like you need to command the future somehow.

It is not possible to control the future, so why try?

It will be easier for you, if you let go of the need to control, the need to know, the need to plan.

We are there for you when you need us, but we cannot be the fortuneteller of your future.

We cannot tell what is ahead, but we can promise it will all be alright.

The circumstances you THINK you need for doing well in your days ahead, are not going to be as you see them right now.

Did you know 10 years ago what you need today? Or what you want today?

The same applies to your future.

You change. Every day. And that is your natural path.

Stop building boxes around your dream of your future, since you do not know what your dreams are later.

Imagining it is ok. Manifesting good things in your life is good. 

But feeling like it is necessary to gain something only eats away the energy you could enjoy of today.

Live in the moment, enjoy it. Do not miss the beauty of today for pining after something very abstract and possibly pointless for tomorrow.

Life will carry you, whether you stress over it or not.

The more you trust it, the steadier you step ahead.

The stronger you are today and tomorrow.

Release all your beautiful energy into living fully today. Trust that all good will come. 

It will.

You cannot predict the future, and therefore you cannot know what brings you the biggest happiness in the days to come.

The future still waits for you, it is still there: reachable, beautiful, and bright. It inevitably comes.

It is easier to go forward in time than go back or standing still.

What would make you happy today?

Reflect on that.

The utmost rewarding feelings you need for happiness, is happiness in the moment. 

What makes you laugh? What makes your heart bubble of joy?

What gives you a sense of achievement?

What have you done during the day, when you go to bed in the evening feeling satisfied with the day you have had?

What has made you feel safe?

What have you gained and how does that feel?

We are not the emperors of time, since we kind of float in time when you run with it.

Your constant running forward seems odd to us sometimes.

See the beauty of floating in the moment. 

Set yourself free of the running. Time will still be moving forward, whether you are running or not.

Making notes of the beautiful moments in your daily life is a good way for realizing how many they can be, even when you think there were none.

This is a point of self-evaluation:

Can you enjoy the time you have now? 

Can you stand still in a forward moving motion and observe your life with all the beauty in it?

Stand still for a while. 

Look around you. 

What do you see and how does it feel?

What emotions can you recognize in your spectrum of feelings?

When you pay attention to small details in your ordinary life, you can gain so much more confidence to a future without running, constant planning, without the need to have something you later might not want at all.

This is the centrum of your life in your current form: see what you have instead of listing what you do not.

Enjoy all the small things in your days.

Minor achievements lead to great happiness.

And yet we turn to the same issue: trust us. Trust yourself. 

We are together moving towards the beauty of our souls’ journeys.

Let us see what you find. 

If you take one day for noticing every minor detail that gives you joy in some form, then lets move on from there. 

Simplicity is still the key. Simple movements, deeds, adjustments, simple observations lead to a brighter bigger picture.”

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