Of love.

“The flow of love is an ever-flowing stream of energy. It never stops.

The anticipation of love is a natural state for human mind.

Love is the most powerful source of humanity, as well as the universe in general.

It is in your every cell. 

It is what you are created of. That is why love constantly exists in you.

Love seems to be something you aim to find, when you only need to live in it.

Since you are love.

Point out to the moments in your life when you have felt loved.

Define the type of love.

Is it romantic love?

Is it parental love?

Is It a child’s love towards a living creature, whether it is human or not?

Love exists in everything you hear, feel, and see. 

All your existence is of love.

The nature is built of love.

You are made of love.

Everything that lives and breathes is of love.

You do not need to find it or define it, only live it.

And as you live through the love in you, you will also become a magnet for love. 

It pulls towards you. It always finds you. You only need to open your eyes and see it.

Remember: when you categorize love, you may feel disappointed in it. 

Every moment of love is essential to the growth of your soul and therefore noticing it is important.

Try to feel love in general instead of chopping it into pieces. Do not try being magnetic to a special kind of love.

Love is always love. 

When you radiate love, you receive love. When you give love, you get it.

It is once again about a constant flow of energy, of giving and receiving.

When you close yourself on love, and create a shell around your heart: you miss it, but your radiance and magnetism is weaker.

When you are bold, and break the shell you have created to your protection, your radiance and magnetism grows stronger- you attract it so much more.

This may scare you, especially if you have been hurt by love somehow. But love needs to come out, in order to come in.

We give you simple practice for opening yourself up for love. Simplicity is how it works, and how we work. Always.

… Close your eyes…


Place your hands on your heart.

Imagine your heart chakra as a beautiful flower in its bud, yet to open.

Imagine it opening, slowly. 

Like a flower begins to bloom in the nature.

Breathe in slowly and deeply.

As you slowly exhale, see the flower open bit by bit. 

See the flower slowly open and radiate love.

How does it make you feel?

Now imagine the flower radiating golden dust. 

It is the dust of love.

As the flower has opened to its full bloom and is surrounded by golden radiating dust, take a deep breath in. 

As you breath out slowly, breathe out through your heart the dust of love.

Imagine it spread around as wide as possible, into the woods, the rivers, over the nature, over the people. Let it softly and slowly land- and it will create more love.

You can repeat this blowing of the dust of love from your heart as many times as you want. 

Spread it wider.

Breathe in slowly, and as you breath out slowly blow the dust of love from the beautiful flower from your chest, where your heart center is, and let the dust land all over the world.

How do you feel now?

You are sending love through your heart all around the world, opening your heart up and you are becoming more magnetic to love yourself.

Do not analyze the love you see and feel, simply notice it. Notice the small moments in your life when you give and receive love. 

Small acts of one person become larger rivers, larger crowds, spreading love all over the world.

And as you give, you will receive.

You are blessed and you are beautiful.

You are loved in general, as you are love yourself.

Notice it, embrace it, accept it. 

This is our message of love today.


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