Of learning about yourself during the journey.

”What is the journey of your life?

You are so eager to know it. 

Everything cannot be told, because it would change the pattern of your life. 

You might miss the core lesson of it by trying to avoid challenges that are meant to be on your path for your lesson of learning.

That is why the spiritual world will not be your fortunetellers, but more like your guides and supporters. We will guide you to the right direction, but we will not interfere with your lesson of learning.

Otherwise, your life this time would be pointless. Because every life is about evolving and growth in a spiritual way.

They way you meet and handle the challenges of your life, will develop you as a soul.

Without these experiences there is no growth. Please, do not fear challenges. Meet them, greet them, and defeat them.

It sounds like it is so easy to say, to defeat your challenges- when they are about feelings, emotions, losses, love, empathy and finding serenity in chaos.

We know it is not easy.

That is why we will hold your hand when you meet the challenges that are meant to develop you as a soul.

The challenges are not a punishment. Many of you ask: why me? What have I done wrong to be punished like this? 

You are not being punished.

You are here for a reason, and that is learning. After you have evolved from a challenge, your spirit and soul should be stronger. 

Or, perhaps weaker. 

If your soul is the one of a brave warrior, perhaps weakness and softness is your mission of learning in this life.

Whatever it is, we cannot tell you.

Strength is not the only thing to be learned.

There is also strength in weakness. Recognizing your own soft spots. Revealing them to others. That is true bravery indeed.

Sometimes strength is seen as a shell. A way to protect yourself. And wearing your heart on your sleeve is seen as a weakness. When in fact it is often the other way around.

There is so much strength in showing who you really are. Revealing yourself to everyone. 

Have you created a shell around you? Why? What do you fear?

What do you think would hurt you if you took down your shell?

Perhaps you could be hurt by love, but is that worse than being without love?

You could be taken advantage of, but is there not something to learn about that too?

Those who wear their heart on their sleeves seem like open targets to anyone. In a way they are, but they are also open for challenges. Ready to grow from every time they feel hurt.

The balance is in gathering experiences: feel both the love and the hurt without becoming hard. Without creating a massive shield around you to protect you from this happening again.

The problem with shields is: when you grow one, you grow another. And suddenly you are protected by layers of hard shells that are in fact protecting yourself, but also distancing you from your true path.

For truly experiencing this life as it should be, become aware of your shells. The protective shields you have built around you. Be aware of the boundaries it creates in you. The experiences you could have, but you decline because of the shield and the fear in you. The fear of this experience possibly hurting you. On the other hand, the experience might also be beautiful. 

If you will not take that path and test the beauty of it, you will instead stand still in your shield.

Those of you who go head over heels from one event in life to another, you should stand still for a while too and think: what is it in this moment I should notice? Someone, beside me? Is there love in this moment of life? If there is, should I experience it instead of leaping forward. 

You sometimes have a strong need to leap forward all the time. Getting excited of the feelings you experience in these situations in such amount that you get addicted to it.

When others have grown a shell, you may have grown a need to constantly feel. Possibly even something extreme.

Which one, or: who are you? Someone in between?

How do you think you should move forward?

Should you analyze what you do and why?

Or should you continue as you have been doing so far?

What is known to you makes you feel secure.

If you are used to feeling extreme feelings, that is what you feel comfortable with. Then it is also what you would want to continue with. 

If you have created a shell, not feeling vulnerable is what makes you feel safe.

The challenge of life is not about feeling safe. 

It is about growth and evolution of your soul.

Stop for a while.

Think of your natural behavior. hink: what would challenge you the most? 

Would it challenge you to stop the chain of constant ultimate feelings, or letting your guard down for a while and letting love in?

We do not make the choices, you do. 

We do recommend stopping for a while to analyze where you have been, where you have come, what you have ahead and why.

You might discover something very precious to you and your own development. If the alternative seems hard, it still might be the correct one. 

Like we have said before: life is not meant to be easy.

Think: what do you feel you are meant to learn during this life?

Your soul knows it because it chose the mission for your soul.

You could become aware of your mission too. 

As you connect with your soul, the rest of it will unveil.”

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