Of unveiling your soul to your mind.

Lately I have had unusual number of lucid dreams. Lots of levitating from my body during sleep and landing back prior to waking up. A couple of weeks before these dreams began, I was discussing with Them how to connect with my soul, since they have repeatedly told that is the key to the connection to the universal love. I asked them how to connect my conscious mind with my soul. And as They have said: as I connect with my soul, I connect with them.

I have also seen a lot of events and texts of akashic records, and the information I found of the universal web of memory I asked them about the unveiling and the akashic records.

I felt during the message that there might be a series of messages of guidance, since They seemed hesitant to revealing everything at once. And I will most certainly be asking more questions regarding lucid dreaming and akashic records. Meanwhile, I will meditate and observe possible changes in the connection between my mind and my soul.

They replied:

“You are currently thirsty for knowledge on matters that are hard for you to comprehend. Therefore, we think you should proceed step by step. Everything is linked. 

The unveiling your soul to your mind, opening the akashic records and all else above.

Your mind is set to learn only a part of the time. It digests the information it receives. We wish to grant you the possibility to digest instead of overloading your mind.

This step is about the unveiling. Lifting the barrier between your mind and your soul. Making you realize the full potential you have. The connection your soul has with the universe. And as you are one, so are we.

Your conscious mind is the only hindrance, and that is what we need to expand for you to be able to reach the following step. As you fully connect with your soul, akashic records will be easier to comprehend to your mind.”

How to unveil my soul to my mind?

“That is something we have already processed for a while with you. Softening your mind and your body towards accepting the wisdom of your soul. Leveling and opening your energies. It is a similar process as was your opening up to communicating with us. It takes some time and some work.”

What do I need to do now?

“You need to keep your mind open. Try not to fear. Try to trust that this all will be for your best interest, for your good, for your future. We will help you with the unveiling, but the intent must come from you.

So, our question to you is: do you wish to unveil? Do you want to become aware of your soul? Become one as you were before. Before your mind blocked out the connection as it developed in the human society with all its boundaries, standards, morals, and social pressures.

As everything else, unveiling too is simple. The intent is the key, as it is in manifesting- which is linked to the akashic records. When you communicate with us and tell that you wish to proceed with the unveiling your soul to your mind, we will help you. “

What will happen when I am aware of being connected to my soul?

“You have been joined for so long, but awareness is the key. You will become fully aware and more vibrantly living through energies instead of rules and regulations or humane motives that the society has built around you. I guess we could say: you will become a free spirit.

In a way you always have been, but connecting with your soul will push this to a new level. A level where you can also help others with proceeding to unveiling. Deeply connecting with themselves and therefore with the universe.

As the intent is given, the process of unveiling will proceed. You will not necessarily even notice it since we work in suttle ways. And as your mind softens up, it releases fears, prejudices, expectations, anticipations- your soul and mind will eventually sort of melt and blend in as one.

It is not a big event like fireworks that you would notice in a massive way. Your mind and soul will absorb each other, slowly and softly. At some point you will quite naturally notice it has happened, without you noticing the actual event at all.

When your mind, body and soul connect as one, our truths will constantly live in you. You no longer must search for the answers or think of the questions, since the knowledge lives in your every cell. In a way it will kill your curiosity, but on the other hand you will be carrying immense amounts of wisdom, love, purity and mercy in your being. 

These discussions of ours will become different. You no longer need to process it every time. The link always exists. You will not lose us by connecting with your soul. We will still be here, but you will experience us in a different way. 

For now, you could compare it to dialling us phone calls and we reply when you are meditating. In the future, after the unveiling, we are present all the time through your soul and with your mind being connected to your soul.

So basically, you can toss the phone away and talk, discuss with us as if we were next to you all the time when we are in you all the time.

This may confuse in the beginning, but you will get used to it. You easily absorb new ways to live, to think, to act and react.

Since unveiling is the intent you have given us, you may have odd dreams since your mind is softest when you sleep. Easily accessed for our work. So do not worry about your dreams. It is only night-time work that is currently going on for now. Nothing more serious than that. 

Now we will continue working with the unveiling, and we will see you on the side of your soul.

We thank you for your intent. We have longed for speaking to you through your soul. And soon we can begin our lives together in constant synchronicity.

Laisse la vie te trouve. Laisse l´amour te trouve. “


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