Of healing.

I suffered several days from a tension headache, without finding a way out of it. Living with the pain was horrible.

One day, while the headache was splitting my head, they gave me a signal of a message to be received. The message was also a lesson.

During the message they gave me advice what to do, and doing so during the message gave me a sense of warm, tingling relaxation spreading from my neck forward to the top of my head. It was so relieving. In such an amount, that I could be active for the first time in days. It was a session of healing during a message.

The message deepened after the initial healing session and that is why I wish to share this information with you too.

I also realized that I had grown distant to the basic practices of Reiki. A reminder of where it all began.

“The pain you are experiencing: you can release it. This is what we are trying to teach you. How to heal yourself and others.

Place your hands on your neck and sense the center of your pain. Pain often reflects from other issues. In this case, you can sense tension in your third eye.

Focus on your third eye.

Release it, clean it, balance, and open it.

You can heal pain by defining the root cause of the pain. 

You do not need to hide from the pain. Heal it and be active. You can still feel the healing even after removing the hands from the neck. It is the effect of the healing power you have. You can sense the base of your skull relax. As opening your third eye leads to a counter effect, which is the release of the tension in your neck.

Enjoy the sensation. Enjoy noticing the power you have.

The power of healing is one of the greatest sensations there is.

And now you understood the meaning of polarity in healing.

All you need to do, is place your hand where the pain is, try to find the root cause- the polarity. Follow your intuition and ask for our guidance. And the healing will begin.

Nothing more is needed.

The problem with health issues is: pain reduces your capacity to connect. 

That is why it is easiest to connect when you have none.  When you try to connect while carrying pain, we feel distant to you.

Pain becomes your focus. It is natural. It makes it hard for you to relax, and finding the stillness in your mind on a deeper level is demanding.

Our true love reaches everyone. 

Our healing is reachable for everyone.

All you need to do is ask and listen.

Listen to your intuition, since that is how we speak to you.

If you intuitively feel like you should place your hands over the place of the pain, do so. Where does the other hand want to be? Polarity.

Our loving energy will flow through your hands to the process of loving healing.

Some pains and challenges are a part of your path, and those we cannot heal.  What is not, or does not serve your souls mission, we can help you with. All other pain is unnecessary hindrance to your development.

Healing is a gift of the universe. You can take it and use it if you want. It is available for all.

Once again, the intent is important. The intent to want to heal. Yourself and others, regardless of who or what they are.

When you send loving energy to others without asking anything to yourself, the gateway to healing will grow stronger in you.

The more you give, the more you get.

This is where many of you sadly stumble. If you only want to heal yourself, the magnetism does not work as it should. The flow of giving and receiving.

It may be difficult to approach people telling them you want to heal them… Without a natural situation to present the possibility.

That is why we suggest you train healing by sending loving energy through your heart to the world.

While you meditate, think of healing as a concept. All the things you would wish to be healed in the world.

The pain of the mankind, nature, the pain of blocked spirituality longing to be opened.

You can inhale in you our loving, healing energy. As you exhale, send out our healing energy to whatever blockage you wish to heal. Mother nature is always open for healing. Mankind is always in pain. There are always spiritually blocked people waiting to be opened.

Whatever your intuition tells you, follow its lead. 

If you feel like India needs healing, inhale our loving energy to your body and exhale it to India through your heart.

Healing is such a simple and loving opportunity for everyone to grasp. You are all healers.

All you need to do is give the intent and act.

An act of kindness and love creates more kindness and love. And you will become magnetic to it.

Want to take the challenge? We really hope you do.

We hope to see you in the web of healers with an open heart. Sending out our love through your heart and creating more love to the world.

You are welcome at any time.

/Ishmael, your loving guide of the riches of the universe.”

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