Of the soul´s memory, the Akashic Records.

Recently I have been interested in the subject called Akashic records, souls’ memory. I read a book about it and connected with Them out of curiosity: if They would let me access mine, and how it would happen.

I received some information as I usually do: as a verbal message. The first session opened information of a past life that influenced me quite strongly. I asked for Their help to clean this trace from my soul and my energy. I received a strong cleansing from Them, which I was truly grateful for.

Today I asked about another issue in my life, if there was something in my soul´s memory that held on to me and held me back. As I received my answer, I also received general information on the subject I wish to share with you.


“Tapping into the Akashic records was a necessary move for you. Since you have so many lives lived which have left their mark on you. 

You have understood the concept of a soul’s journey, and you have realized that every life you have lived has had an impact to your current one. We can now start addressing the stagnations which no longer serve you.

We wish to see you happy, free, healthy, wealthy, and loved.

But we could not touch your path until you did.

It all begins with your will. Your intent. 

As your work has begun, we are happy to liberate you from the restraints of the lessons you have already learned but have kept you from moving on in this life. 

We will help and guide you on this journey.

All we need is your intent. A pure message from your heart. That you want to learn from your soul’s history: of the things that are still attached to your soul.

To those who have yet not processed this:

You may be confused sometimes, and you wonder: “why does not my manifestation work? Why am I still in this knot in my life? Why can I not move forward as I wish and as I clearly manifested?”

The reason will be found in your so called Akashic records, in the memories of your soul. In the events your soul has previously lived. The feelings you have lived during your previous lives. 

The strongest ones sometimes stick with you, even when you move forward in your cycle of lives.

If you have felt immense guilt, you may still feel guilty in this life, not really knowing why and being unable to let it go. You may have felt fear completely random to you in this life, with no sense whatsoever. And you cannot move on from this fear. It may be a strong fear from your previous life. 

It may be the answer to every incomprehensible feeling you carry that you cannot find a root cause to, since you do not remember your previous lives. That is when the Akashic records can come to good use.

The methods of accessing this information are many. You all have different kinds of talents, gifts, and abilities.

We will present you the information in a way you feel comfortable with. In a way that is most natural to you, as you contact us and connect with us and give us a clear will and intent of wanting to work with your soul’s memory. For moving forward as a free spirit in this life.

You deserve to be free. 

As we have said before: it all begins with you. Your true will. The intent to develop and evolve.

The reason for accessing the records to some are mostly based on curiosity. Curiosity serves you very little. Sometimes not at all. The best of results is gained when you wish to receive spiritual balance in your life. You are the master of the direction of your life. You hold all the keys to the locks you feel you have.

We can assist you with pointing you to the right key of the right lock.

Whatever information you are given from the records is meant to be used for your spiritual benefit as you enter your own information.

Entering the information of others is quite possible, but with their permit only. That information is meant to be used for their benefit. Not yours or someone else’s. Remember this.

If you wish to become a reader of the records, there are high ethical and moral standards to be held by you. You may not change the information given. You may not tamper with it. You are given information to benefit that person only. The spirit guides will lead you to the information that is needed. You as a conduit shall only pass it forward. That is the role of a conduit.

With great information and power comes even greater responsibility. If you are not sure if you are up to the task, you most likely are not. That time might come later when you are mature enough. 

The work of a reader can be brilliant when you see people light up with the results. When they find the true light in their lives. But the flip side of the coin is that not every message brings only solutions because the work must be done by the receiver. We can show the lock and the key, but it is a personal choice to open the lock. 

That is a process we cannot and will not interfere.

Again: the work is yours and yours only with your own records. And theirs with their own.

We can present the information: show the lock and the key. But if the receiving person is not willing to open, we cannot tamper. 

Channeling messages only is your duty as a reader, and then you need to step back.

The path is unique for everyone. You may feel the need to help, but meddling is not the job of a conduit. You need to spread the light and leave the light to the carrier. What the carrier does with the light is ultimately their choice. 

When expanding your journey to reading the Akashic records, your soul´s memory: take it easy. Remember the responsibility. Remember the borders that are set. The rules of the universe.

Every soul has a unique mission. Everyone must find their solutions themselves. As a soul who feels a need to help, stepping back may be the hardest part of it all.

Respect the integrity of every soul and yours will be respected likewise”.

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