Of loss and mourning.

I lost a friend. I guess I tried to get rid of the pain by trying to block it. It did not work that well. I received a bit cryptic message from Azriel, which may or may not be for me, or for you.


This is the true path. This is the true beginning.

The beginning of a new era.

The state of the world is in chaos. It seems like love must fight for its existence.

Love will always prevail.

The true meaning of all this, is a new beginning of a new life.

New energies will enter. 

New dimensions will set upon you.

You will no longer be the same, but a better version of your previous self.

There is always light in darkness.

Fear and despair always create love.

There is so much war, hurt and pain in the world.

Think of the light that will carry you through it all.

This is the second rising of new crystal energies.

You will become beings of a new dimension if you give us your intent.

You may feel tired.  You may feel defeated and fearful.

But we will assist you.

Hear us, feel us, see us.

It will all make sense one day.

This sounds cryptic now, I know.

But as you let our energies set in you, you will become more understanding. Multidimensionality that we live in is so complex for you to understand. That is why we do not wish to startle you, but mostly calm you down. And make you aware of all the possibilities that are within your reach.

The light lives in you. The light loves you.

Even when you don’t feel it, or when you do not wish to feel it.

It is sometimes easy to cover yourself with negativity. You feel like it gives you shelter. In fact, it gives you a wall. A wall behind which you can carry your grief with no assistance, and you feel alone.

Grieving is natural. It is a part of your human experience. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

The walls you create will become hard to penetrate. The longer you carry them, the harder it gets.

So, please trust us. Rely on us. 

Lay your worries and fears upon us openly. We will give you comfort and shelter.

We never judge your process, but we do wish to help you.

Loss is a hurting experience, but it does have a deeper meaning. You may understand it one day.

Now let us bless you with our love, comfort you in your grief. Free your emotions. Let them flow.

We are here to help you in the process of healing.


Published by Azanah Soul

I am a middle aged Scandinavian woman. I have lived my whole life seeing, hearing and feeling energies. For quite a long time, I thought everyone had the same expecience. As I began my journey with Reiki in 2015, these sensations gradually got stronger, year by year. After finishing my Master level in India, I truly opened up for the work of light. During the past year, this connection with energy flow in my life grew stronger, and I started receiving messages: from souls to their loved ones, information, messages and guidance from high energies of the Universe. They lovingly told me I am a conduit, and my mission in this life is to pass on the messages I receive. I am one conduit of many, channels as you may say, among us all. Our general mission is to spread Their love and light forward, in different ways. As one of the first steps in fulfilling this mission of mine, I started this blog. I live a regular life in general. I aim at nothing by writing the messages I receive. I change nothing in them. I believe that the ones who are meant to find the channeled messages, do so. If not, I believe I will receive guidance for delivering the messages to the right recipient. I hope you find some comfort, love, light and guidance from the content of this blog. This blog is not about me, therefore I am not in the spotlight and I will not reveal much about myself. The messages are relevant. I am simply a conduit, a pen to the storytellers message of love and light.

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