Time of change.

“What signifies this time is: this is the time of change.

The energies are shifting, as they constantly are.

But this time the shift is more physical. It shifts in a way of a turmoil.

It shakes the globe you live on.

The globe that feeds you, physically and mentally.

The globe that shelters you. Mother Earth.

She needs your help.

The root of these events as a chain reaction, is in the behavior of humans.

It saddens us.

When everything is connected, every act has a cause.

Multiple acts have a larger impact.

And even minor acts can have a global effect.

She needs your help now, Mother Earth.

Please think how you could help.

This is a time of rearrangements.

Rearranging the values of your normal life to the benefit of global life on earth.

Our energies provide you with great power. What do you wish to do with it? How powerful do you wish to be? Do you wish to have the power to change the course of your life? Or do you wish to have the power to benefit the humankind? The existence of all life?

Do you love to exist?

If you do, do you wish to give everyone the possibility for existence? To all living creatures.

Do you think they are worthy?

If you do, please reflect on your life.

What can you do, to gain more balance with small deeds that create less of a strain to the balance of Mother Earth and life in general?

You might not have thought of it before in an active way. You simply have your routines, habits, needs that have created a certain pattern to your life.

Is there something in it you could live without? Something less, that could create more balance.

Or something you could add to it, that could benefit Mother Earth.

This is all up to you. Reflect on it and be true to yourself. Do you need all that you have? Do you need to keep having and getting?

Human mind often is based on needs and habits.

You build a cocoon round your ordinary life. But what if you crack your cocoon? What if you simplified it all? Would it give you stress or relief?

What do you think?

We are not here to tell you how to live your life. You are the master of your path.

We are here to give you input on the matters that concern us, perhaps wake a few thoughts that might lead to acts.

When several individuals make small changes towards the better, the effect magnifies, and the process of healing can begin.

Healing is needed right now.

Do you wish to be a healer?

Simply break your cocoon, step out of it and see what you can do.

That is all we ask of you.

We need people to start thinking. As a joined mass of love.  With small but good intentions that are made to reality.

If you think you are only one individual and you do not matter: You truly do. Every individual matters. 

You are all of equal importance.

And that is why you all need to step out of your cocoons and evaluate the balance of your life and its affect to Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the global wellbeing, to Unity.

We are all made of love. Love unifies us. 

Our love is also the core of the earth, and we need you all to feel the same love. Wake up to the need of healing that exists.

Please accept the light we provide for you, and pass it forward with acts of healing. For the possibility to heal the earth.

This is simple. Simple acts by individuals create a great effect on a larger scale. 

You all matter.

Your behavior matters.

Your lives matter.

You, as an individual, you matter.

You are loved. 

So please, pass the love forward.

I am Zadkiel providing you with a message of the earth. The message of your home”.

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