Of acceptance, equality and peace.

I am the bringer of peace.

The peace that exists in your souls. The peace you long for. What serves your purpose now, is the fact that you are uneasy, stressed and you feel alone.

You feel like you carry the weight of the world. It Is a joined fight.

It is a joined weight on your shoulders as the world is in distress.

The fear upon you all is overwhelming, but so is the compassion, love and care that exists as a light in you. The light overshadows the darkness.

Love conquers the fear and disbelief.

It saddens us to see how far crisis need to go before mankind realizes that power defeats nothing. Hate conquers no one. Violence never brings victories.

Only love does.

Acceptance is the key to all crisis in general. Accept the situation. Accept the solution, which is never based on a longing for power, but a longing for stability.

Respecting each other and accepting each other is the key. No man is better than the other. No one is stronger or weaker. 

You are all equal.

Equality could solve all the problems mankind creates to itself.

Wealth is not equality.

Equality is a spiritual aspect of growing. Equality is strength to accept and recognize the power in others. Accepting the differences between us. Accepting that no arguments are needed for coexisting with all our differences.

What we need from you, is that you accept.

Do you coexist? Do you feel the need for power over others, or do you long for equality?

Whatever your answer is to yourself: recognize it.

What information does it give to you? How could you accept equality? How could you become more accepting in general?

What is needed for you to become a wiser soul? What do you need for that?

Our love is never ending. We do not discriminate or judge.

Our love has no boundaries. It has no borders, it has no language, it has no age.

You are all equally significant to us. Could you be that to each other?

I am a source of never ending, accepting, and embracing love. I pour my love upon you.

In return, all I need is for you to pour your love on each other. Regardless of nationality, race, age, difference in opinions, gender, taste and so on.

Forget all the terms. Rewind how you are thinking. Evaluate the way you are thinking.

Does it give you peace, or does it give you anxiety?

Recognize negative feelings and thoughts. And think: where are they coming from? Who are they serving? You, or someone or something else?

What would serve you to gain balance and wellbeing?

We believe that by analyzing your own stream of thoughts and feelings you will find something unexpected.

When you recognize certain negativity, you can peel it away and free yourself from the patterns that do not serve you- but someone else.

We accept you for whoever you are. 

You can live your life with much less distress, negativity and fear if you give yourself a cleansing bath with our energy by recognizing the negative points in your life and letting them go.

Whenever you get anxious, do not get stuck in that feeling.  Try to recognize it: the reason to that feeling and think: “what is really the root of this feeling?”.

“How can I change it? How can I open myself to a wider view of life with positive energy in it? How can I replace negativity with positivity and with love?”

We will be there for you.  We are always ready to open paths for love.

Currently fear blocks so many of you. 

Fear for the world.

It is a valid and justified fear. 

But on the other hand, the cause of that fear is often based on some negative pattern that can be cleansed. You cannot cleanse the patterns of others. But you can cleanse yours!

We are always here for everyone, equally offering our assistance and love. If you are open to it.

We are expecting you. We are waiting for you.

Let us know if you want our help, and we will be there for you.

This is your guide towards love:


Published by Azanah Soul

I am a middle aged Scandinavian woman. I have lived my whole life seeing, hearing and feeling energies. For quite a long time, I thought everyone had the same expecience. As I began my journey with Reiki in 2015, these sensations gradually got stronger, year by year. After finishing my Master level in India, I truly opened up for the work of light. During the past year, this connection with energy flow in my life grew stronger, and I started receiving messages: from souls to their loved ones, information, messages and guidance from high energies of the Universe. They lovingly told me I am a conduit, and my mission in this life is to pass on the messages I receive. I am one conduit of many, channels as you may say, among us all. Our general mission is to spread Their love and light forward, in different ways. As one of the first steps in fulfilling this mission of mine, I started this blog. I live a regular life in general. I aim at nothing by writing the messages I receive. I change nothing in them. I believe that the ones who are meant to find the channeled messages, do so. If not, I believe I will receive guidance for delivering the messages to the right recipient. I hope you find some comfort, love, light and guidance from the content of this blog. This blog is not about me, therefore I am not in the spotlight and I will not reveal much about myself. The messages are relevant. I am simply a conduit, a pen to the storytellers message of love and light.

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