Of significance.

“This is the truth. The truth of significance.

You have a need to feel significant. You need to be significant to someone. You feel the need so strongly it sometimes blocks you.

You are significant. With or without someone by your side.

Humans make connections through their whole lives. Each and every connection is significant. But yet you long for more to your life. And sometimes you feel hollow in the process of seeking.

In reality, the chain of love is the most significant bond. It is not connected to a specific human being.

Some souls are meant to meet and bond, to share experiences together.

But in general, this is not what significance is to us. The broader perspective into this is the significance of life. The perspective of life.

It needs to be reminded that you are never alone. Even when you may feel so. You are all connected to something far greater.

Some knowingly and aware of it all. Some of you never stop searching for more significant moments and people to bond with. As a matter of fact, some of you are meant to bond. Some of you have it in your soul´s mission. All of your paths are unique and all of you are equally significant as individuals.

Never forget your own significance.

You are far more important than you could ever imagine. The bond of life is in your every cell, and all your cells vibrates energy. Your energy vibrates with us. You are magnificent, unique creatures and you have a great purpose on earth as creators of global awareness and in the delivery of our messages in many different ways.

The most important message is “we are reachable for you”. For anyone. We use many channels. You are our microphones. We need so many of you to reach a larger population.

Our intent is to spread our awareness through you as long as it is needed for you to absorb the message of love and unity.

That is significant for us.

We are guided by the universal energies. Godly energy does exist. But Gods energy is not in a human form. We together, we are the force called God.  A united, energetic force of love. We are not found in books or poems, or paintings. We are found in life, in love and light, in the existence.

Penetrate your own mindset.  Never justify a destructive deed with God. Our energies are not destructive. Although your souls’ paths may have destructive patterns, they are not ours. It is your cycle of learning. You will learn and we will accept.

Our role is not to judge or condemn. We do not fight. We do not take sides. We do not argue, we do not compete. 

We exist in the flow of life and aim at reaching you to develop your energies into a purer form, to raise your awareness of your own spiritual power. And with your goal to live your life as lightly in the path of love and light as possible.

We give advice on how to avoid negativity, fear and the hunger for power. These most often feed each other and create a negative circle which leads you further from us and makes it harder for you to connect.

Disruption is sometimes needed. And sometimes it is a destructive force which you could shake away from your life.

You have so many choices to make during your life. We are showing you the path to make good choices, but the choice is ultimately yours to make. We open doors and show you paths which you would need to choose for yourself. The opportunities we give are significant. The choices you make are significant.

Who you are and who you will become, is significant.

Do not confuse your will to your path. The will leads you and your path exists. Your will is a creation of evolution in the human mind. It is a perspective of your personality.

Sometimes you need to choose to let your will lead you. Sometimes your intuition. Or the information you have of the significance of good deeds, of your mission in the world: to create more love in the world.

Choose your perspective.

Do you walk for you, or do you step ahead for us? These two could be joined into one. We will show you how if you wish to listen to us.

Hear our messages as we provide them for you.

Take them into account. 

Think how it makes you feel and listen to your intuition. We would absolutely love to help you to find your way back to the path, if you ever feel you´ve strayed.

We are still here. 

We are alway available for you”.

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