Of balance.

”We are the carriers of light. We need you to find the light.

We are in the dimension of a pure energetic layer that resides in the same space with you.

You are not always aware of that space we share. You mostly touch it while you sleep, and seldomly while you are awake. You are so busy with your practical life, that most of you do not sense us in it.

The turmoil of the energies is still ongoing. When it calms down in one space it storms in another.

There is also balance in chaos.

To us it seems like humanity needs its share of chaos. For us it is unnecessary. We would love you to live in peace and prosperity.

But that is not in the books for humans. It sometimes saddens us, but we also accept it, your nature and the characteristics of humanity.

It is after all your paths, your missions and learning.

For those who seek a deeper balance and wonder where you could find it: the balance is in you. You only have to find it. 

If you are in love with the endless disregarding of your own needs, the gateway to finding balance is harder.

If you learn to let go of the reaching for following goals, which ever they may be- the balance will set in you.

We know we make it sound so easy, to be still and find balance.

It is not easy for you. But on the other hand, finding balance by standing still, listening to yourself is also a challenge. 

You could take that as your goal. As a personal challenge. Aim for the balance and the peace.

When you find the core of your balance, since it is different for you all, you will find a sense of stillness and trust towards life in general.

That generates stability on its own.

We are welcoming all the tiny pieces of balance that you may find, because once again: one tiny piece in a massive puzzle is helping us forward in creating pure loving energy as a channel through you all.

Never mind the thoughts and opinions of others. They are not that important. There is no need to compete with finding your inner peace. It is yours, and yours only. The experience is yours; the sensation is yours. The trust is yours.

When you find likeminded people, you often create a sort of competition: who is the most balanced? Who is the most enlightened? Who has the greatest visions? And who possible has the biggest so-called powers?

That is vanity.

Balance is simply balance. Stability is stability. There is no higher or lower level of being balanced and trusting, feeling light and connected. It just is. Like the energy that flows everywhere. It exists like you exist.

Competing is in your nature. Letting go of it is not natural to you. Trying to reach for more is in your nature, also in reaching spirituality. 

What can you gain from it, in comparison to others?

What do you get from being more enlightened, more balanced since the sensation is only yours and ours?

Rely on your inner magic. Enjoy it. Live in it fully and freely as you, yourself. Enjoy your energy as you feel it, hear it, or see it. There is nothing to win by being better than others but there is so much more in finding what you alreday have, and trusting it. 

You have your magic. You have your radiation. Use it for good, pure good. Selfless acts of kindness towards any living creature, any object, any other person without the need to seem better than others.

That is true balance.

That is true self-awareness. Being fully present as you in you and being fully present for us.

What we are trying to say is, you are all beautiful creatures as you are without all the needs to achieve more.

Standing still in a forward moving motion is a skill to appreciate. And therefore, good to find. 

You of course do as you wish, and you make your own choices. We are merely eager to give you some guidance if you wonder which way to go.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, to see the path forward.

You can think about that.”

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