Of consideration.

“The true meaning of being considerate is to have the talent of listening without ears. You can listen with your soul: hear what people tell with their souls to yours.

You can feel their messages sometimes and that can make you anxious. Even If their words tell an opposite tale. Or perhaps, because of that. 

It is the wisdom of your soul that determines what to do with the message you feel instead of hearing. 

People are good with words. Truthful ones, lies and with alternative wisdoms.

You could teach yourself to feeling the messages you receive instead of hearing them.

Being considerate means, that you feel a person’s soul, the message it gives, and you aim at helping them. Not through words only but with acts and give them support from your soul.

So, how do you help with your soul? 

You receive a nonverbal message, and you give nonverbal help.

It is about the flow of energy. Some souls need help from your energy. Sometimes your soul needs help from the energy of others. We can help you learn to read the signs of soul’s messages. It is a part of the development of being a worker of light.

When you hear our message, you think of someone, don’t you? Someone you have talked to, claiming verbally they are fine, but you feel they are not. It is not only your intuition speaking. Their soul has sent a message to yours. You have received the message. Now you must determine what to do with it.

Verbal kindness is never wrong. It can help a lot if we compare it to being verbally unkind. 

Souls are more considerate. The communication between souls is nonverbal. It is the movement of love, of receiving and accepting. 

The anticipation of a verbal message is sometimes stronger than the need of energy. It validates your belief. Meanwhile, your soul is in full communication all the time, whether you are asleep or awake. Your energy is yours but not yours only since we are all connected. You can feel the energies of others and they can feel yours. To sensitive people that can be overwhelming: Sensing everyone’s energies at all times. Because of that some people wish to block their sensitivity and connection. Without connection life is not easier. In fact, it is harder when the communication that is most natural to you is out of function.

You could all live a fully nonverbal life if you could open your energies, your souls and vibrate together. There would be no questions to ask, no needs to fulfill, no fears to hide, no matters to be left unsaid and no fears for saying the wrong words.

There has been a time when words were not needed. You no longer remember those times. You are so far from your original selves. Luckily people are opening to us and the faith towards limitless love and constant flow of united energies that we are all growing closer to a stronger loving energetic field. This field is overwhelming and strong. But it has no denial, no acceptance, no boundaries. It has no negativity. It has no power. It is limitless, all forgiving, all caring and loving, all uniting Unity.

In the beginning of time, as you see it, we were more present as lights and visions. As time changes, our significance changed and the symbolic changed. We struggle sometimes with finding the best way to reach you. Whether it is through seeing, feeling, hearing or all of them combined.

We need to create ways to make you believe in us. Like you, many doubt themselves as we reach for them. Thinking they are ill or damaged. Some understand that it is not a question of illness but about us manifesting ourselves to you in a way we find most suitable for you. 

Faith is a strong phenomenon. Reaching out for someone in a way that breaks the pattern of their beliefs and faiths can close them up instead of opening and accepting. As we now live in time where spirituality is popular, it is easier to us to enter the flow when people are reaching for us. It has not always been like that.

In darker times when beliefs were only written in books by human hands, only what was written was accepted. All that was not, was unacceptable. Those who felt us lived in fear for being noticed as abnormal. In history people have had to hide for their pure hearts and their flow with the Unity.

Our view of religion is everyone needs to believe into something far greater, to something good, accepting, and loving. Sadly, it has become a method of judgement, denial, antisemitism, fear, and hate. 

Therefore, our work is never ending. As the energies shift, we shift. Our focus shifts. Where we are needed changes constantly. How we are needed remains the same. Love is always needed. Connections, faith, and purity are what you are yearning for. We are navigating throughout all the energies trying to find a channel that suits every single soul the best. 

All in all, listen to your soul. Hear what it says, and you will hear what it hears. Your soul will understand with its deep wisdom the significance of consideration. Considering other souls as equal. With the flow of our loving energy your souls fill each other’s needs in these times of imbalance.

How do you give from your soul? No addresses or names are needed for giving. If you give us your intent that you want to send out loving energy from your soul: simply state that you want to do so. Relax and focus on sending energy to where it is needed. It will always find its place. If you send a soul in need of fulfilment, assistance, strength and love- you can guide this energy from your soul to theirs. Filling the gaps in their energy. 

As we said, souls discuss with each other, even without intent. Intent magnifies the power. And that is why we are telling you this. We are giving you a tool for sending magnified strength from your soul to another.

You lose nothing. Nor will you gain anything. It is not about giving and taking. It is about equality, Unity and the flow of energy that flows wherever it is needed and wanted. You as our conduit can send it if you will so. 

Being a light worker does take some determination. You are now aware of the methods that are very easy to use. All you need to do is give it some time. A bit of effort, some thought and love towards everyone without separating anyone. 

Can you accept all forgiving and all loving unity that has no hierarchy? No one is better than the other. No one is judged. All are worthy. Everyone is equal. If you can, all you need to do is send some love through your soul, channel it through your heart.

Your job is so easy to do as we are here to guide you and support you.

Thank You.

I am Ishmael.

I am the torch of ever lasting fire. I am the gate keeper of a thousand flames in front of the stairway towards unity.”

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