Channeled messages from the energies of love and light.

Of balance.

”We are the carriers of light. We need you to find the light. We are in the dimension of a pure energetic layer that resides in the same space with you. You are not always aware of that space we share. You mostly touch it while you sleep, and seldomly while you are awake. You […]

Of significance.

“This is the truth. The truth of significance. You have a need to feel significant. You need to be significant to someone. You feel the need so strongly it sometimes blocks you. You are significant. With or without someone by your side. Humans make connections through their whole lives. Each and every connection is significant. […]

Of acceptance, equality and peace.

“I am the bringer of peace. The peace that exists in your souls. The peace you long for. What serves your purpose now, is the fact that you are uneasy, stressed and you feel alone. You feel like you carry the weight of the world. It Is a joined fight. It is a joined weight […]

Time of change.

“What signifies this time is: this is the time of change. The energies are shifting, as they constantly are. But this time the shift is more physical. It shifts in a way of a turmoil. It shakes the globe you live on. The globe that feeds you, physically and mentally. The globe that shelters you. […]

Of loss and mourning.

I lost a friend. I guess I tried to get rid of the pain by trying to block it. It did not work that well. I received a bit cryptic message from Azriel, which may or may not be for me, or for you. /Azanah “This is the true path. This is the true beginning. The […]

Working with my own Akashic Records.

As I studied the matter of Akashic Records and how to access the information, I did some self-reflection. There are some feelings in me I have never recognized a valid reason for. A sense of guilt, with no explanation to why I carry it with me.  So, as I connected with Them, I asked. They […]

Of the soul´s memory, the Akashic Records.

Recently I have been interested in the subject called Akashic records, souls’ memory. I read a book about it and connected with Them out of curiosity: if They would let me access mine, and how it would happen. I received some information as I usually do: as a verbal message. The first session opened information […]

Of healing.

I suffered several days from a tension headache, without finding a way out of it. Living with the pain was horrible. One day, while the headache was splitting my head, they gave me a signal of a message to be received. The message was also a lesson. During the message they gave me advice what to […]

Of unveiling your soul to your mind.

Lately I have had unusual number of lucid dreams. Lots of levitating from my body during sleep and landing back prior to waking up. A couple of weeks before these dreams began, I was discussing with Them how to connect with my soul, since they have repeatedly told that is the key to the connection to […]

Of learning about yourself during the journey.

”What is the journey of your life? You are so eager to know it.  Everything cannot be told, because it would change the pattern of your life.  You might miss the core lesson of it by trying to avoid challenges that are meant to be on your path for your lesson of learning. That is […]

Of love.

“The flow of love is an ever-flowing stream of energy. It never stops. The anticipation of love is a natural state for human mind. Love is the most powerful source of humanity, as well as the universe in general. It is in your every cell.  It is what you are created of. That is why […]

Of running towards the future.

“We have been watching you. We think you are so stressed about the future that you forget to live in the present. There is no fear on your path. There is no sanction for doing less than you THINK that we want. We require nothing. We are never dissatisfied. We are not judgmental. You are […]

Of divinity and judgment.

“You are a part of the divine. Can you feel it? It is in every breath you take. The energy of the divine moves in you. You simply do not think about it. It is so natural. Like being born is natural. Birth in itself is divinity. A creation of God entering this world. Beginning […]

Of prosperity and abundance.

“Our truth about prosperity is not always the same as yours. The prosperity we see is not wealth of money, it is the wealth of a soul. You want to surround yourselves with sweet riches, with objects, with financial freedom that gives you the sense of security.When in fact, the sense of security and safety […]

Of happiness, challenges and the cycle of lives.

“Listen to yourself. Most of the answers to your questions are within you. You often reach for the solutions to be found outside. We will help you move forward, as you have reached the point of self awareness. The point where you have discovered your true self, faced yourself, opened the knots you have within […]

Of happiness.

“The way to happiness and tranquility is a process in your mind.  It is deep inside you. This is what you are looking for. It is not up to us whether you find stillness, peace, happiness, balance and tranquility. You are the key. You are the only one who can affect the direction of your […]

Of 3D and 5D.

I have read some Neal Donald Walsch, Kryon, Eckhart Tolle, Tim Whild etc. The similarity between their texts and the messages I get astonished me. But I did notice a huge difference in terminology, the dimension seemed deeper to me in the messages they give forward. Eg. 3D and 5D, matrixes and such. I felt […]

Did you sense the calling?

Did you read my previous posts? If not, I recommend you do. There seems to be a natural order in what They want to say. … Last night as I was watching a movie, They gave me a powerful buzz. A sign that They had something to say. It felt oo powerful to let it […]

Of the calling.

”You will walk the alight path, as you were meant to. You will find us, as we found you. Listen to the calling in your soul. What does it ask of you? Where do you want to be? This is a necessary phase for you: searching for your true feelings. And what they call you […]

A Mantra for deepening the connection.

Some weeks ago, when They were talking to me about ego, I asked Them how I could develop the connection with them and they gave me a mantra to be repeated. It has worked well for me, so I´ll share it with you. Try it, if it feels appealing. Using mantras works well for calming […]

Of manifestation.

” The past is not the future. This is what you need to realize. Do not go walking in the same circles over and over again. You might never find your way out. What do you want of your life? Imagine it for yourself. Your highest and most pure goals.  Reach for it. Believe in […]

”We are here”

“We have a message for you.” We are waiting for the next shift in energies to happen around you. This is not a metaphorical shift, but a very real one. We are here to provide you with balance, as you need it so much. The balance will set, when you begin your work of light. […]

A message to the “beacons” of light and love to join.

“We are calling for you, our beacons, to join us to a journey of light, to spread our love across the world. Your mission is clear. It is all about sending energy as much as you can, as often as you can. The challenges of the world are not over, but merely just begun. And […]

Of fear.

”What is fear about? The core of fear for you is uncertainty of the future, of money, of wellbeing for you and your loved ones. But is it necessary? Do you need it? You sometimes seem to want to need it. But that is not a real need. It is like a shelter to you. […]

What I’ve learned with Them.

Time. According to Them, time is not linear in the Universe. The human mind has a need to have timelines, deadlines, dates, calendars and times. The messages I receive are more on a general level: some events are happening, in the future, in the past, ongoing, coming your way. I never get direct times or […]

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