Azanah´s messages

Channeled messages from the higher energies of love and light.

Time of change.

What signifies this time is: this is the time of change. The energies are shifting, as they constantly are. But this time the shift is more physical. It shifts in a way of a turmoil. It shakes the globe you live on. The globe that feeds you, physically and mentally. The globe that shelters you.Continue reading “Time of change.”

Of healing.

I suffered several days from a tension headache, without finding a way out of it. Living with the pain was horrible. One day, while the headache was splitting my head, they gave me a signal of a message to be received. The message was also a lesson. During the message they gave me advice what toContinue reading “Of healing.”

Of love.

The flow of love is an ever-flowing stream of energy. It never stops. The anticipation of love is a natural state for human mind. Love is the most powerful source of humanity, as well as the universe in general. It is in your every cell.  It is what you are created of. That is whyContinue reading “Of love.”


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